SETT trade fair: O’HARA is not afraid to take a risk.

O’HARA presented its know-how at the SETT trade fair in Montpellier between 3–5 November 2015.


O’HARA is not afraid to take a risk when it comes to its stylish new interiors! Natural, zen, Nordic-inspired shades come to the fore. O’Hara has demonstrated its know-how with exclusive UV-resistant colour cladding at no extra charge.


Key West 2016, a top-of-the-range offering by O’HARA. Available in two-bed, two-bath or three-bed, two-bath versions to complete the rental range. The island kitchen creates a warm and welcoming environment and increases well-being. This unusual leisure accommodation features contemporary architecture, large rectangular doors and windows and an elegant, innovative interior layout.